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Suomenkielinen nettiradio ohjelma

Updated May 12, 2016

       >>>>>>> Listen - Kuuntele <<<<<<<

Hosted by Pirkko Kiansten
Saturday 0930 Pacific Time 
Maamme, Finland's National Anthem

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Finnish Radio Program From Uvic

If you like the Archives, you'll want to come back on Saturday at 0930 Pacific Time and to a live Finnish internet radio broadcast. Please come back to this site to the growing list of Finnish Music on the Internet and programming archived material from CFUV Victoria British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy!

You are invited to drop by SATURDAY 0930 PACIFIC TIME and to 1.5 hours of Finnish music and other interesting programming at the times listed below. You should bookmark this page and in next Saturday or right now to our selected archive programs. We know you will love it.

Programming Schedule:

West Coast North America - Check Time
West Coast: 9:30 Saturday morning - Victoria B.C. - Canada, 

East Coast: 12:30 Saturday afternoon

Finland:19:30 Saturday evening
England: 18:30 Saturday evening
Russia: 19:30/20:30 Saturday evening

Since June 26, 2010: